Garden Cattery

In the summer of 1999, we opened our Garden Cattery, which provides spacious accommodations in one of our eighteen 4′ x 4′ and 6′ tall cat condos with large “walk-in” access designed to provide our care givers plenty of room to attend to your cat’s needs. Each condo is accessed through a custom sliding glass door and includes a garden bay window where your cat can stretch out, bask in the sun, sleep or just watch the wildlife flutter by. The cats love the feeling of being outside, yet with all the protection and tranquility of being inside.

In the Garden Cattery we have two large cat suites. They have all the same comforts as the regular cat condos, except they provide a more spacious environment, plus additional privacy for the larger cat families. Each large suite is 4′ x 8′ and 6′ tall and includes a four tier bunk bed.

Penthouse Cattery

We opened our Penthouse cattery in 2003 on the second floor above the lobby. These quiet, colorful “walk-in” condos are 3′ x 4′ and 6′ tall with three to four comfortable shelves at various levels to climb on for some subtle exercise or just take a nap.

The center of the room has a large aviary with active finches for our guests viewing enjoyment. Each condo has individual fresh air circulation and climate controlled heating and cooling.

Boarding Rates

Prices Effective February 1, 2022

Garden Cat Condos

A $75 Deposit is required to reserve a suite. A minimum 30 day cancellation notice is required for a refund or transfer of your deposit. Owners will be financially responsible for any damage done by their pets while boarding in the suites. During the holiday seasons, we will require an advanced non-refundable deposit for all accommodations.

Deluxe Activity Packages

Our Deluxe activity packages are in addition to our regular boarding services and may be purchased separately on a daily basis or in any combination. You also have an option to purchase activities individually using our al a carte option.

Catnip Connection

$24 per day

Crazy for catnip.
Our cattery staff will email you a personalized photo of your cat enjoying their vacation at the cattery.

Wake up and stretch with a 10 minute social brushing

Help the afternoon fly by with a their own catnip plant before their 10 minute playtime session

The Cat's Meow

$25 per day

Get the day going with 15 minutes of brush and play time


A serving of salmon patte for lunch

Settle the day down with a 5 minute social brushing and an application of Aromatherapy Essential Oil in the condo

Al A Carte Activities
Social Brushing – $8 per brush.

Provides your cat with a soothing 5 minute brush session located in our quiet play land area or in the natural light filled garden window. 

Private Play Time – $9 per play

For the more active cats we offer playing and chasing with cat toys and/or darting in and out of the carpeted climbing trees coordinated by one of our caregivers. The play time session is 10 minutes long.

Brush and Play – $11 per time

Your cat will benefit by receiving a combination of brushing and play time. In addition to the brushing and playtime, your cat will receive a front row view of the finch cage or the fish tank during their 15 minute brush and play session.