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Our Process

Production Facility

  • Our foundries located in Asia and Europe have an annual production capacity of more than 30,000 MT.
  • We provide various grades of cast iron and steel  rolls manufactured by means of both the static and centrifugal cast processes.
  • In addition to conventional necked rolls, we are distributing centrifugal cast rings for bar and beam applications.
  • We are a supplier of carbide rings and composite rolls for wire and bar mill applications.  Our foundry controls all processes in-house, from mixing their own tungsten powder to machining and assembling the composite rolls.

Quality Control and Inspection

  • Our foundries are ISO9001 certified.
  • All rolls undergo strict quality control inspection at the foundry
  • All Products are carefully inspected by MBI prior to shipment.


  • All our packaging is exclusively designed to guarantee the safety and quality of the products during transit to customers.
  • All our packages are easy for forklift truck operation.
  • The unique designed lebels on the end of our rolls are for product material recognition.