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Sofia, Burley and Morgee

Dear Katrina,

We would like to send you a short note about how pleased we have been with the Paradise Pet Lodge Pet Salon.   We have been bringing all three of our dogs to you for years (since 2002)  and you and your staff have always been so wonderful with our pets.  You treat them with great care and the results are always top notch.  We feel like we can leave our pets with you without any hesitation and know that you will treat them as you would treat your own.  You provide service above and beyond and are always accommodating with our schedule.  We just want to say "THANK YOU" from the top and bottom of our heart for the care you have given to Sofia, Burley and Lady Morgan (Morgee).

Cecil and Sheila Osborne


I just wanted to follow-up with you regarding the outcome of Truffles' swim lesson. I took her to the field event on Saturday and once again she ran the bank and refused to get in the water. On Sunday afternoon, I took her out to the where we frequently train and threw bumpers for her into the water. It was amazing because she started going right in every time I threw a bumper with absolutely no hesitation. Tonight with our field training group was the real test. She went right in to retrieve both her water marks without any hesitation. I am celebrating BIG time. This problem is finally solved after almost a year! I will probably never figure out what happened to create the problem, but I think perhaps you retaught her how to get in the water safely.

Thank you a million times, whatever you did, it worked. We will continue to practice her water entries and I will monitor her progress closely. If I see any backsliding, we will be back for another session. For the moment, I think we are good to go AND she seems very happy to have figured out how to get in the water since she loves swimming/retrieving!



In Loving Memory

02/12/03 – 03/13/11

It is with a heavy heart to inform you that Barri has put on his angel wings and gone off to that big dog park in the sky. He was such a sweet, vibrant boy and was taken far too early in life. Those who were lucky enough to meet him know the unique bond he had with his mom. He loved being with me more than anything, but his 2 and 4-legged friends and family at Paradise Pet Lodge came in a close second – he absolutely loved each and every moment he spent there. For those who were lucky enough to meet Barri, he left a lasting impression – he was so sweet, gentle, affectionate, compassionate and incredibly smart. And his never ending happiness was downright contagious. Barri had a zest for life that I wish we could all experience in our own lives.

I’m so thankful for the 8 years that I shared with Barri. He was a tirelessly loyal companion, friend, protector, teacher and so much more. I will forever miss that handsome boy and his big, beautiful brown eyes that looked into your very soul and understood every thought and emotion. My memories of Barri will be forever cherished and keep his spirit alive.



Paradise Team,

Thank you for taking care of Valentino while we were out of town. He had SO much fun that when we got home, he ate the Smoked beef bone you gave him, and he went to sleep... for the rest of the night and part of the following day! He clearly had a very good time, and that makes me happy and comfortable sending him to your facility.

Thanks again!

Samuel Riggins


Dear PPL:

After spending three weeks with you, our cat Sybil has come home happy and healthy and calm, glad to be with us but not terribly excited about that, which is easier on her and us.

Please tell Jenny how grateful we are to her for taking such good care of Sybil. On Sybil's report card, Jenny called her a "love bug" and said how much she'd miss her. We were a little surprised, because with us Sybil is pretty quiet and withdrawn--but since her time with Jenny, she's been more affectionate with us, more interested in what's going on, like a younger cat again. So Jenny was very good for Sybil. Thanks to her, and thanks again to you.

Best wishes,
Richard Bready

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